• Depending on the peeling typology
  • Depending on the peeling typology

A peeling is a treatment consisting of an accelerated skin exfoliation, induced by an external agent. It can be performed by means of a surgical or non-surgical procedure, depending on its depth and the technique being used.

Indicated for...

Women and men suffering from facial aging due to sun exposure (photoaging), skin blemishes (hyperchromias), acne marks, thin wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and other problems related to sun damage.

Superficial Peeling

It is a very gentle peeling, indicated for tired and opaque complexions with slight signs of photoaging. It is a peeling that produces only slight skin redness, so you patients continue their normal activity.

The results are immediate, the skin regains its transparent appearance and appears rejuvenated, the spots and fine lines of expression are attenuated. They do not usually have side effects, but it is necessary to protect oneself from the sun.

This peeling can be done with several substances: Alpha (hydroxy acids or fruit acids), retinol or salicylic acid.

For very localized spots we recommend the treatment with erbium-yag laser and for very thin wrinkles, the resurfacing (CO2 laser), as it allows greater precision and speed.

Medium Peeling

This peeling is recommended to improve the quality of skin, attenuate acne and varicella scars, reduce wrinkles, and strengthen the skin tone.

It can be done in the examination room without anesthesia, but in this case you must cause sick leave or avoid social events for about a week, during which the skin will peel to make way for a thinner skin and without the imperfections treated.

It causes a renewal of all the epidermis, and dermis is strongly stimulated, which will strengthen patients’ collagen and elastin network.

The most commonly used agent is the trichloro acetic acid and the Erbium-yag laser.

Deep Peeling

The deep peeling consists of a deep exfoliation that destroys the entire epidermis with a lesion that reaches the dermis, which when healing, it restructures deeply producing a true reconstruction of the entire skin, which appears completely renewed. But patients must take an important care during the following months and even during the whole life if the peeling has been very deep.

The deep peeling usually requires hospitalization and the most used methods are modified phenol formulas, laser resurfacing and dermabrasion.


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