Surgery of the ears. Otoplasty

  • 1-1,5 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 1 week

Otoplasty, the surgery of the ears, has the purpose of correcting the position of the ears when it are protruding, due to the lack of the natural folds of the cartilages of the ear (antihelix) or of the increased projection of one of them (shell).

Indicated for...

Those children from five years old with a problem in the position of their ears or with a disproportionate size and whose parents decide to correct the defect, to mitigate possible aesthetic consequences or social acceptance. In adulthood it can be treated perfectly, at the moment the patient wishes it.

Before surgery

First visit

We perform an exploration of the ears. In front of a mirror and with the simple maneuver of folding or joining the ears to the head.

Conclusions and recommendations

Based on the analysis of your medical history and your motivations, we recommend:
– The most appropriate technique to apply, as well as the results you can get.

Type of procedure

The surgery is performed in a surgery room, usually with general anesthesia, when it is a child, or with local anesthesia for adults. It lasts between one hour and 1h 30 minutes.
A hidden incision is made in the back of the ear to treat the cartilage, through stitches that create a new fold. Subsequently, the posterior incision of the ear is stitched with an absorbent thread and covered with a bandage.


The first 24 hours

Patients will stay in the clinic under control and the relevant medication. Bruises, pain and discomfort can usually appear.

From the second day

We will carry out the check-up and patients will be discharged with the medication and indications of the specialist. It is essential to avoid sleeping without the ears in contact with the bed.

From the third day

During the following days we perform controls, as well as bandage changes.

From the first week

We will replace the bandage with a wide ribbon and patients can restart their normal daily life.

It is very important to keep the ears protected until the inflammation subsides, the usual color recovers and the definitive form is established.


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