Arms surgery

  • 1 hour
  • 48 hours
  • 3-4 weeks

Arms surgery is the surgical technique that aims to eliminate flaccidity and excess of skin or fat tissue around the arm, and to recover firmness and muscle tone.

Indicated for...

Men and women with excess of fat or skin located in the contour of the arm, produced by aging, sedentary life or loss and weight gain.

Before surgery

The first visit

We carry out a physical examination and a personalized interview.

We analyze your complete medical history

We evaluate the clinical state of your arm. We study:
– Skin
– Fat tissue (amount, elasticity, presence of stretch marks, etc.)
– Tone
– Muscle volume
– Circulatory state of the arm
– Presence of inflammatory or infectious processes in the axilla.

Conclusions and recommendations

From the analysis of your medical history and your motivations we recommend:
-The type of procedure to be performed.

Type of procedure

The surgery is performed in an operating room, usually with local anesthesia plus sedation and in some cases with general anesthesia. The duration is approximately 1 hour.

A localized incision is made from the center of the axilla towards the elbow on its anteromedial side to separate the cutaneous-fatty flap from the arm in a posterior direction.


The first 24 hours

Patients will stay in the clinic keeping a moderate rest, with their arms supported high. It is recommended to move the fingers of the hand with some regularity to facilitate circulation throughout the limb

From the second day

After the control and the first treatment of the surgical wound, the patient is discharged with the instructions and the corresponding medication.

From the fourth day

The control is performed in the examination room and throughout the first month, patients can perform the dressing at home, under the doctor’s indications and together with periodic reviews.


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