Nose surgery. Rhinoplasty

  • 2-3 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 2 weeks

Nose surgery, rhinoplasty, aims to correct the shape or size of the nose. It is the most frequent of the plastic surgery procedures and the most complex from the technical point of view.

Indicated for...

Men or women from eighteen years who want to improve the harmony of their face, modifying the shape or size of their nose, or those who suffer some type of nasal trauma or respiratory problems.

Before surgery

First visit

We carry out a physical examination and a personalized interview.

We analyze your complete medical history

We perform an exploration of the cutaneous, bone and cartilaginous structure of the nasal pyramid and also, and very important, its functionality (the breath function).

Conclusions and recommendations

From the analysis of your medical history and your motivations we recommend:
-The most appropriate technique to be applied, as well as the results the patient will obtain.

Type of procedure

The surgery is performed in a surgery room, usually under general anesthesia or with local anesthesia plus sedation. It lasts between 1h and 2h.

We make an incision to separate the skin from the osteo-cartilaginous skeleton (bone and cartilage) and then carry out the timely remodeling.


The first 24 hours

Patients will leave the surgery room with a small plastic splint and a tamponade lasting between two and four days.

From the first week

Patients will be treated with the appropriate postoperative medication, to alleviate possible pain, discomfort, swelling, etc., and from of the first week or maximum ten days, the nasal splint will be removed.

From the second week

The edema or remnants of ecchymosis will be controlled in the following weeks and months, but patients can come back to work relatively fast, in approximately 2 weeks.


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