Abdomen surgery

  • 2-4 hours
  • 48-72 hours
  • 3-4 weeks

Abdominoplasty is a surgery that aims to remove excess of skin or fat tissue in the abdomen and restore the firmness and muscle tone.

Indicated for...

Men and women with an excess of fat or skin located in the abdomen, who want to improve their silhouette. The accumulation of fat in the abdomen usually occurs due to significant weight variations, the passing of time, or after several pregnancies, in the case of women.

Before surgery

The first visit

We carry out a physical examination and a personalized interview.

We analyze your complete medical history

We evaluate three fundamental aspects: the skin, the fat tissue and the muscular wall.
We define the characteristics of the abdomen:
-Presence of stretch marks
-Type of skin
-Shape of the umbilicus
-Accumulation of fat tissue in some areas
– Clinical condition of the muscular wall (its integrity, the existence of hernias or the “separation” of the central muscles -muscular diastasis-)

Conclusions and recommendations

Based on the analysis of your medical history and your motivations, we recommend you:
– The type of abdominiplasty to be performed
– The need to use an additional technique

Type of procedure

The surgery is performed in an operating room, usually under general anesthesia. It lasts between 2 and 4 hours.

Two surgical incisions are made, one that releases the umbilicus from the abdominal skin and the other at a suprapubic level.


The first 24 hours

Patients will stay in the clinic with the drainage, a bladder catheter and the relevant bandage. Patients receive treatment with analgesic.

From the second day

On the second day, after the control and the first dressing of the surgical wound, the drainage and bladder catheter are removed.

From the third day

Patients will be discharged with the instructions and the corresponding medication. Patients must constantly wear a bandage belt and not make sudden movements.

From the sixth day

We carry out the control in the consultation and throughout the first month, patients can perform the dressing at home, under the doctor’s indications and together with periodic reviews.

The integration to the working life is progressive, depending on the patient’s evolution.


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